Stone Paver Installation

When you want to showcase all of the character and curb appeal of your home or storefront, it all starts just outside your front door. The exterior spaces of your property are the first impression that it makes to the outside world and a messy yard can wreck your curb appeal. Installing pavers — or paving stones — in outdoor spaces add functionality and visual appeal to any space, instantly adding value and helping to complete your backyard oasis.

If you are ready to soak up in the sun in your backyard paradise, don’t get stuck spending your time sitting next to an unappealing cement slab. Depending on the materials that you’ve used in your backyard build you might be dealing with extremely hot surfaces, high rates of reflective light and, in the case of older materials, ugly cracks. Expertly installed pavers improve visuals but they also cut down on maintenance needs and add value to homes. When you are ready to spend more time enjoying your outdoor space, call Blockstar Masonry to create your ideal outdoor living space.


Paving Stones: Getting to Know Your Materials

Putting it simply, paver is an umbrella term for paving stones which come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Pavers are often made from brick, cement or natural stone and can be cut and shaped to accommodate any space. There is no limit to where you can install pavers but the most common areas for use are walkways, pool decks, patios, surrounding fire pits and even driveways.

Improve Landscaping: A flat patch of grass can add a bit of greenery to a yard but it can get boring. Many homes, commercial space and even multi-unit residential buildings opt for professional landscaping services to keep outdoor spaces looking their best. Paving stones can help to enhance the look of your yard — while keeping guests off of your grass!

Low Maintenance: Unlike wooden accents that need to be stained and resealed every couple of years, pavers don’t rot or discolour and never stop being waterproof.

Durable: Part of what makes cement slabs such an issue in British Columbia is the tendency to crack and shift with the weather. Pavers are often made to fit a space and are small enough that they are able to shift along with the weather.

Easy to Repair: Concrete slabs are often large, some even large enough to cover a driveway. In the event that this slab cracks, having to repair or replace it is a costly and disruptive chore. In the case that a paver becomes damaged it is a singular piece that can be easily replaced without the hassle of having to dig out existing concrete, cart it away and pour a replacement. It is also much more affordable since pavers are inexpensive and sold in single pieces.

Stone Paver Installation: Get the Best Results With Blockstar Masonry

Because pavers are manufactured they can be made to fit any space, aesthetics and design preference. If you are unsure about your options the installation experts at Blockstar Masonry are here to offer a ton of options for you to choose from.

Natural stone, for example, is mined directly from the Earth so no two stones will ever be exactly alike. Natural materials are also made to withstand the elements and never go out of style. Depending on your ideal space, you can choose from granite, bluestone, flagstone, limestone, travertine, marble, sandstone and slate.

Concrete pavers, on the other hand are placed into molds, shaped and dried for a very customized design. Pigments can also be added to mimic natural stone and textures, creating a completely unique look.

As long as pavers are installed correctly they can last for years without any trouble. When you want long lasting improvements for your outdoor space, look no further than your local masonry specialists. Come view our wide variety of options and take the first step to creating your ideal outdoor space.