Outdoor Living: Backyard Stone Patios, Walkways & More

Outdoor living isn’t just a trend, it is a lifestyle! Even a small yard can be transformed into a place to relax, unwind and even cook! You don’t have to be an avid outdoorsman to want to spend your leisure time outdoors and Blockstar Masonry can help to create your ideal outdoor space. If you are looking for new and exciting ways to update your yard, patio or garden space, all it takes is one consultation with one of our experts.

Instead of splurging on new outdoor furniture and lighting designs to update your outdoor space, consider ways to add lasting character to your space that won’t fall out of fashion in the next year or two. Blockstar Masonry is able to install everything from a fire pit, pizza oven, privacy wall, lay paving stones along patios, walkways and more. No matter the size of your property or your budget, there are always options within reach and our team of experts can help you find them!

Elegant Outdoor Living: Making the Most Out of Your Space

Across the Lower Mainland yards come in all shapes and sizes. It is easy to browse magazines and websites for outdoor design ideas but these aren’t always realistic for the space that you have. Instead of pining over an unrealistic yard, work with an expert to isolate your desired features and find a way to make them a reality.

Fire Pits & Fireplaces: Nothing beats an evening chill like an outdoor fire. It is common to spot a fire pit surrounded by gravel while out on a camping trip, but at home, we can do better! Creating paved areas surrounding fire pits is a great way to elevate these areas and raised stone barriers can keep children and pets away from hot surfaces. If you prefer to have a full fireplace, our team of masonry experts can create eye-catching structures and chimneys that aren’t only functional, they add value!

Add a Bit of Privacy: In a densely populated area privacy is a rarity but Blockstar Masonry can help! Far from a flimsy screen, fragile materials or fake looking plants, a privacy wall should be made out of something durable, solid and low maintenance, like natural stone! Creating an accent wall finished with natural stone veneer improves visuals, creates a cozy environment and creates a private area for you to enjoy.

Paving Stones & Walkways: Intricately laid paving stones can be used to create a functional floorpan with a mosaic design. In fact, paving stones can be made to suit any design or aesthetic with pigmenting options, a wide range of materials to choose from and can be made to fit just about any space. Backyard stone patios don’t just look great, they are functional too! Durable materials and easy to clean finishes make it easy to host an event without having to worry about scraping, scrubbing or damage.

If you are in the market for a completely revitalized outdoor space, call local experts to bring your vision to life. The highly trained staff at Blockstar Masonry can help to create beautifully curated outdoor spaces for homes and businesses all across the Lower Mainland and beyond.