Stone Gate Pillars

Gates are functional part of any home or commercial property but that doesn’t mean that they can’t look great! If you are ready to install a brand new gate or are looking to replace an existing one, the team of experts at Blockstar Masonry can handle gates of all shapes, sizes and styles.

A simple garden gate can help to mark property lines and keep larger animals out of your yard, while driveway gates offer up visual appeal and a measure of security. When you think about gates the first image that comes to mind is likely the traditional model with wood planks and a simple latch system but with hundreds of models on the market you can create your ideal space that looks great, feels safe and functions the way that it is supposed to.

Gate Installation: Traditional Designs to Modern Models

There is no bigger pain than having to haul heavy groceries in the rain — except when you have to run around a building to get inside! Having a street level living space is supposed to be convenient but without a gate you might find yourself having to navigate the entire length of your yard just to reach the front door. Added a backyard gate can mean quick and easy access to parking pads and garages while a driveway gate can prevent unwanted guests from reaching your front door.

Security: Who would have thought that something as simple as a gate could make your home feel so much more secure? Tall fences provide privacy and can be outfitted with a deadbolt or an automatic lock, making it easier for tenants to get inside and keeps unwanted visitors out. This is true of homes and commercial spaces. In a city setting you are dealing with high rates of vandalism and the threat of potential theft. Installing a gate around alleyways and exteriors can help to protect your business.

Convenience: Sometimes having another entry point is just a matter of convenience. If your current home or storefront doesn’t have an outdoor entry point into yards installing a gate can help to cut the distance between your yard and the adjoining street or parking areas. This means being able to move quickly from one area to another and can even act as a speedy fire escape plan.

Design: As convenient as a gate might be, you always want them to look great. Instead of settling for a missing section of fencing or removing a panel, an attractive gate adds to the overall look and feel of a yard. Framing your property with attractive fencing and a properly installed gate improves curb appeal and creates the best possible first impression. Updating your gate or installing a brand new one is as simple as calling Blockstar Masonry. Installation experts can help to create your ideal entry way, with durable materials and attractive options.

Your Ideal Driveway Gate: Stone Pillars & Rustic Details

When your focus falls on outdoor gates it is important to use durable materials that can stand up to the elements and that means stone! Wooden gates are known to rot over time and metal is susceptible to corrosion, particularly if you live in close proximity to the ocean. Stone details not only look great, they are long-lasting and easy to clean. Installing a stone gate doesn’t mean that it is entirely made up of stone, but combines different materials to create something that is attractive and functional. If your property is framed with retaining walls, the same materials can be used for stone gate pillars, bringing consistency to your outdoor spaces and boosting curb appeal. If you are looking for multiple pillars or prefer the look of framing your entry points with larger stone gate columns Blockstar Masonry can bring your vision to life.