Indoor & Outdoor Fireplaces

There is something rustic and cozy about spending an evening by the fire and even better if you can do it outside! A wood burning fireplace is the cornerstone of a cozy night at home but enjoying these doesn’t mean having to be stuck indoors. Far from a basic fire pit, a stone fireplace adds value and curb appeal to homes and businesses all across the Lower Mainland.

The experts at Blockstar Masonry are able to create beautiful outdoor fireplaces according to the unique needs of your outdoor spaces and design goals. With loads of basic foundation designs, as well as hundreds of options for stone and pigments, your fireplace is completely unique.

Curling up by a fire indoors is a great way to keep cozy and combat a chilly evening but it can also add value to your home or business. Outdated fireplaces will drag down curb appeal and older materials will often clash with new interior design trends. Whether you are hoping to install a brand new fireplace or update an existing one, Blockstar Masonry is able to create your ideal indoor fireplace. By using natural materials our team of design and installation experts can blend trends to create something truly unique. If you are looking for a rustic textured stone foundation with a modern edge, or prefer the clean look of marble, Blockstar has the materials to bring your dream fireplace to life.

Outdoor Fireplaces: The Focal Point of Your Outdoor Living Space

Whether you have a large yard or a smaller outdoor space you can create a fireplace that works for you. When installing a new fireplace you can’t just start to throw down bricks or stones and hope for the best. Proper placement is key to creating usable space but it also has to fit the needs of zoning and permitting for the surrounding areas.

If your desired fire pit is an open design, beautifully framed with stone blocks, we have got you covered! If you want a large, closed structure complete with chimney, the construction experts at Blockstar are able to build and install these additions.

In addition to fireplaces themselves, it is important to consider the surrounding areas. Placing a fireplace onto a wooden deck or flooring is a fire hazard. Making sure that sparks don’t set your backyard ablaze is a key focus of our installation experts. Instead of taking a risk or sacrificing your grass, consult one of our Blockstar technicians about creating a stone foundation that is fire resistant, durable and long-lasting.