North Vancouver Stone Masonry

Properties in North Vancouver are full of character. From homes to office buildings, hotels and retail storefronts there is always a need for improved curb appeal and inviting spaces. Communities in North Vancouver are steeped in natural beauty, so why not bring it inside? Beautify your living space with the help of experienced, professional stone masons.

Concrete blocks might feel like the more structurally sound option when it comes to construction but raw concrete doesn’t exactly make for a cozy atmosphere. Well-planned and executed stonework is incredibly flexible and brings your ideal designs to life in both interiors and exterior spaces.

How a Brick and Stone Mason Can Benefit Your Property

Stone masonry offers a wide range of options for both construction and design. This makes it possible to create beautiful additions or usable spaces. The right masonry project can completely change the look and feel of a room but it can also improve structural integrity and add value to a property.

New Construction: There is never a bad time to update a home, create a usable outdoor space, or opt for extra security with fencing and property barriers. Experienced stone masons are able to construct pillars, arches, stone fencing, retaining walls, outdoor fire pits, patios and more. Frame fountains and water features with seat walls that are durable, classic and built to last.

Design: Adding stone accents inside a home provides a truly unique atmosphere to a living or work space. An accent wall is eye catching and can help protect high traffic areas. Basic drywall is subject to damage and scuff marks while wallpaper can be scratched or torn, all of which are costly to repair and unsightly to look at. Replacing basic materials with a thin stone veneer can help to keep curb appeal up with durable materials that will last for decades. Create a comfortable space to curl up by resurfacing fireplaces or constructing new outdoor fire pits for use outside on chilly evenings.

Repair: If you find yourself dealing with crumbling retaining walls or cracked stone around patios, the longer you wait to repair it, the bigger the job it will be. Stone is durable and construction is made to withstand the elements but nothing lasts forever.

Whether it is a new project, repairing damage or updating an existing build, stone masonry offers up a never-ending list of options to bring your design dreams to life. Ask the stone artisans at Blockstar Masonry about your options for thin veneer or full stone construction options.