Natural Stone Installation

British Columbia is known for its natural beauty so it is no wonder that natural elements are a popular choice around homes and businesses. Natural stone not only provides beautiful finishes and curb appeal, it is also durable, long lasting and versatile. If you are looking to beautify your home or add visual appeal and ambiance to a business setting, natural stone is exactly what you need.

You might be familiar with poured concrete in exterior areas or walkways and to be honest, it isn’t that exciting. When bringing natural stone elements into a space you can navigate a wide world of textures, colours, styles and more. With so many natural stone products on the market you can create a look that is the perfect fit for your property.

The Benefits of Natural Stone Additions

All it takes is one glimpse of stone accents on local buildings to see what an impact it makes. The addition of natural materials can help to not only improve the look of an outdoor space, they can create them! Natural patio stones add a unique flair to any home or outdoor eating space, while larger slabs can be the foundations for fireplaces and other additions. Along with large slabs, natural stone veneer can be applied to interior and exterior spaces to most solid, flat surface areas.

Durable & Sustainable: Stone is a sustainable material that is not manufactured and is long-lasting. Unlike many manufactured materials that are flooding the market, stone can withstand chipping, dents and can be outfitted with a scratch coat to prevent superficial damage. Stone might come along with a higher initial investment but it is a long lasting one that won’t require repairs or replacements in the same way that stucco, vinyl siding or even wallpaper might.

Constantly in Fashion: The beauty of natural stone never goes out of style. Natural stone installation is not only an investment in curb appeal and property value for the moment, it is an investment going forward.

Wide Variety: Stone doesn’t come in only one style but has a wide variety or types, shapes, textures and sizes. No two stones are exactly the same so your home or workplace will always have a unique flair. Don’t feel stuck working with one material when there is a whole wide world of options out there.

Create Your Ideal Getaway, Right At Home: For many people, living in the country would be a dream come true but the city has much more opportunity for work, schooling and nightlife. Instead of sacrificing your ideal living space, create a cozy rustic setting right in the heart of the city.

Natural Stone: Understanding the Installation Process

Depending on the type of stone that you choose the installation process might change from location to location. Larger items can be brought in using specialized industry equipment while thin stones can be brought indoor manually. Stone veneer installations aren’t simply slapped against a wall with a bit of putty or glue but are affixed using expert techniques involving wire lath to ensure you are never dealing with loose pieces. When you want to understand the difference between slab and stone veneer installations, or are looking for help choosing the ideal materials contact your local natural stone suppliers for expert insight and industry knowledge. The expert installation experts at Blockstar Masonry are proud to offer installations ranging from raw granite, slabs and veneer. For all of your custom stone needs, just call our local pros for reliable service, expert installations and the best in customer service.