Cultured Stone Installation

Your home should be your castle and nothing says castle like stone finishes. A beautifully designed patio can add value, curb appeal and enjoyment to any home or commercial space while indoor walls can be outfitted with stone pieces or panels for a bit of class and character. Cultured stone is a way to incorporate the appearance of natural stone in a cost effective and simple to install way.

There is a big difference between natural stone veneer and cultured stone — but you would never notice! Cultured stone mimics the appearance of natural stone, is incredibly versatile, durable and when done by a professional, can be easily installed. When you are ready to add value, curb appeal and easy to clean surfaces call Blockstar Masonry for your cultured stone installation.

Cultured Stone: What to Know

For the past 50 years cultured stone has been a top pick for home owners, business owners, contractors, landscapers and more. Cultured stone is a type of manufactured stone veneer created by using speciality concrete mixtures are that applied to molds. Mineral pigments are then added to stone to achieve a realistic look, texture and colour. In addition to looking the part, this material is lightweight, easy to cut and handle, making it the ideal material to work with.

During the installation process the weight of natural stone can slide down walls, fall off of fastenings and be difficult to manage. Due to its lightweight nature, manufactured veneer is applied to surfaces using wire, lath, scratch coat, mortar and grout. Instead of having to install this stone finish brick by brick, cultured stone comes with the option for panelized systems that cut down on time.

The Benefits of Cultured Stone Installation

If you are deciding between natural stone and manufactured stone veneer, here are a few key things to keep in mind:

Cost: There are plenty of appealing qualities to cultured stone finishes not the least of which is cost. Because cultured stone is manufactured and not naturally derived or quarried it comes at a significantly lower cost. In addition to saving costs on materials, property owners should consider the cost-savings for labour expenses. Because cultured stone is lighter and does not require footings, the installation process can be done more efficiently and with less installers.

Versatility: Natural stone is more often utilized outdoors, around fireplaces or in small doses throughout a home or storefront. Lightweight and versatile cultured stone can be used for interiors, exteriors, in commercial space and even for signage.

It Looks Great: Expertly designed molds maintain the shape and texture of real stone, creating fantastic visuals. Instead of using outlandish colours and mixes, cultured stone relies on natural pigments expertly applied for the most realistic stone finish.

Can Be Applied Anywhere: One of the biggest advantages to cultured stone is that it can be applied to a wide range of areas, namely any surface that is structurally sound.

When you are ready to enhance the beauty of your dream home with the most natural stone on the market, call Blockstar Masonry for high quality materials and expert installation that adheres to building codes and safety practices.