Brick Masonry: Working with Bricks & Blocks

Brick and Block has been a favourite construction material for contractors and property owners for decades and even centuries! The reason that these materials are so popular isn’t just character and curb appeal. The versatility, durability and even climate control that comes along with bricks and stone blocks is a major selling feature for homes as well as storefronts. Whether you are building an addition to an existing property, building a house from the ground up or are updating a space for visual appeal, the experts at Blockstar Masonry are here to help with all of your installation needs.

How Brick & Block Can Benefit Your Work or Living Space

Brick additions to any property are enough to boost your curb appeal and add a touch of personality to homes and commercial spaces and blocks are great for adding form and function to outdoor spaces. When it comes to adding block or brick details to a property, looks aren’t everything so we have compiled a quick list of what makes these materials great additions to any property.

Customize Your Design: With a wide range of brick options available you don’t have to stick to traditional uses and design. More than adding exterior finishes, bricks can be laid in attractive designs across flooring both indoors and out, and can add be used to create accent walls indoors. Professional brick installation services provide the option to be as creative as you’d like to be and create attractive and unique designs.

Versatile Uses Inside & Outdoors: With a wide selection of stone on the market there are options for any area of your property. Rows of bricks are common around exteriors while brick veneer is coming indoors. Large blocks make up retaining walls and are often used in landscaping design. No matter your needs, there is a type of brick or block on the market that will suit your needs and the technicians at Blockstar Masonry can help to choose the best one for your unique project.

Manage Temperatures: Throughout British Columbia efficiency is the name of the game and brick and stone can help! These unlikely heroes of the construction world make it possible to heat your home in a natural way. Brick absorbs and stores heat throughout the day, releasing it again at night. This means lower utility bills and a more energy efficient home.

Durable, Eco-Friendly and Reusable: If you have ever walked by a heritage home and noticed that the brick is still in great shape, this shouldn’t be a surprise! Bricks are stable and durable in all weather, having a lifespan of over 100 years if maintained properly. In fact, bricks themselves will often outlast whole structures. Reclaimed brick is a huge sustainable market and an eco-friendly alternative for certain projects.


Brick & Block Installation: Avoid a DIY Disaster

Anyone can visit a stone supplier for materials and mortar mix and do a quick internet search on how to install brick but this will often lead to subpar results, damage and even personal injury. Taking a DIY approach to brick and block installation might seem like a way to save a bit of money but it often means having to deal with the high costs of repairs that come along with unexpected damage or injury. An improper technique can lead to excess mortar ruining finishes and using the wrong tools to cut brick can lead to cracking or crumbling, ruining your materials. Don’t struggle with a DIY installation only to end up with a negative result, call Blockstar Masonry instead.

Working alongside an established and reliable masonry company means having access to top of the line supplies as well as valuable advise from installation experts. At Blockstar Masonry, we carry a wide range of materials from cut brick, retaining wall blocks, and thin brick. Call an expert to install thin brick indoors or create appealing spaces outside.